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Deep Sea Fishing

When considering taking a deep sea fishing charter in Miami, go with the best. Our charters have the latest technology and the most experienced captains. Bait, food, gear and fishing licenses are always included.

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Miami Deep Sea Fishing

Life is short, go fishing. Sport fishing in Miami, Florida is on of the best ways to both relax and get an adrenaline rush. The weather is beautiful and the views are even better.

Experienced Charter Captains

A captain that knows his stuff is invaluable. Anyone can take you fishing, but when you have a captain with knowledge of the area you are certainly going to catch more. There is a lot of technique involved as well, and only a veteran captain is going to know how to change with conditions.

Group Charters

Group charters are great for getting 1 to 20 passengers together for an expidition. With a group charter you have control of where you go and what you want to fish for.

Shared Charters

A shared charter is a good option for an individual that wants to split the cost of a charter with others. Each passenger will have the opportunity to reel in a fish and the maximum number of passengers will never be more than 6.

Type of Miami Fish

Miami waters are the perfect place for large fish to thrive and grow to sizes of 1,000 pounds or more. On one of our charters you can expect to catch marlin, snapper, tuna, grouper, shark, sailfish, mackerel, wahoo, barracuda and more.

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